ThemNews is Thematics SA's quarterly magazine published in February, May, August and November. It contains the President's message, Letters to the Editor, News from the Interest Groups, and a number of articles on a wide variety of themes. These articles are authored by a substantial number of collectors, both locally and abroad. Authors of articles for ThemNews are encouraged to submit pictures/visual materials to illustrate their articles. Articles, published in ThemNews, may be re-published in other philatelic magazines, but the necessary approval needs to be obtained from the Editor and the necessary acknowledgement must be published with the article. In this case the Editor might be able to provide support with illustrations.

ThemNews has been honoured with the following awards:
Silver-Bronze at Canada's 6th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, held in Ottawa in Oct 2002. 
Silver-Bronze at STAMPEX 2003, the South African National Philatelic Exhibition, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in Oct 2003.
Silver-Bronze at New Zealand's 9th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, held in Palmerston North in Jun 2005.
Large-Silver at Melbourne Stamp Show 2009

The Editor
Petra Heath
58 Kort Street, Eldoraigne X27, Centurion 0157, South Africa
Tel/fax: +27-(0)12-653-8845

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  •  Vol. 3 (2002/03   - R60.00 (or R10.00 per edition) *
  •  Vol. 4 (2003/04)  - R60.00 (or R10.00 per edition) *
  •  Vol. 5 (2004/05)  - R75.00 (or R12.50 per edition) *
  •  Vol. 6 (2005/06)  - R75.00 (or R12.50 per edition)
  •  Vol. 7 (2006/07)   -
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  •  Vol. 9 (2008/09)   -
  •  Vol. 10 (2009/10)  -

Volumes 3 to 10 are available on CD-ROM at R50.00 each. Where an order for back copies of volumes 3 to 10 is placed, volumes 1 and 2 are provided free of charge.

Requirements for copy Text in MS Word without any indents, page breaks, columns, etc, but the necessary paragraph indicators are to be shown. Illustrations should be scanned at a high resolution (300 dpi), and may be sharpened, enhanced and brightness settings changed to create a realistic duplication.

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