The Constitution of Thematics SA makes provision for the following categories of membership:

1. Individual members
These members pay the full membership fee, they may participate in all activities of Thematics SA,
and receive the official magazine.


 2. Family members
These members are family members of individual members, and pay a reduced fee.  They enjoy the same privilege as individual members, but do not receive the official magazine.


3. Youth members
These members are younger than 18 on the 1st of March each year. They pay a reduced fee, and may participate in all activities, and receive the official magazine. They have no voting power.


4. Life members
These members will pay the equivalent of 20 years membership fees in the year of application, after which they will be exempt from paying further membership fees. They enjoy the same privileges as individual members.


5. Honorary members
This honour will be bestowed on members of Thematics SA (or any other person), who have, through participation in the activities of Thematics SA or in thematic stamp collecting in general, helped to develop thematic stamp collecting on all levels.   They will be entitled to write the letters DTPSA (Distinguished Thematic Philatelist) behind their names.   They enjoy the same privileges as individual members, but will be exempt from paying membership fees.


Nominations will be considered by the Executive Committee as they are received, and further action will be taken in accordance with the bylaws.


6. Associate member
This category of membership has been created to cater for any other organisation (including other stamp clubs),
which support thematic stamp collecting and the objectives set by Thematics SA.


Category                                                                                          2014/2015
Members living in South Africa                                              R250.00
Members living in Southern Africa                                       R290.00
Members living in the Rest of the World                           R340.00
Associate members                                                                    R225.00
Family members                                                                          R  20.00


1.   Fees are to be paid into our account in South African Rand (ZAR) only.
2.   Thematics SA's financial year is from the first day of March each year until the last day of February the following year.
Note: Members wishing to receive the SA Philatelist (official journal of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa),
have to add the cost of subscription to their  membership fee. These are:
Category                                                                                          2014
Members living in South Africa                                         R190.00
Members living in Southern Africa(surface mail)       R320.00
Members living in Southern Africa (airmail)                 R350.00
Members living in Rest of World (surface mail)          R255.00
Members living in the Rest of the World (airmail)     R390.00
* a. By cash or cheque (it is best to use registered mail for this type of payment);
* b. By electronic funds transfer (EFT) or direct deposit into our account (please provide proof of payment via mail, fax or e-mail,    and please use your membership number or initials and surname as reference.
* c. By credit card, where 5% finance charges will be charged. Please provide the following information to effect payment: type of card (VISA or MasterCard), name of cardholder, card number, security number (last three figures on back of card) and expiry date.

The Secretary,
Thematics SA
P.O. Box 56221
Wierda Park
South Africa


Thematics SA's current account is with :

NedBank, Centurion.
The branch code is       162145.
The account number is 1621 156400.
The SWIFT code is       NEDZAJJ